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Why David Rice Associates?

One of the key services that sets us apart from many other traditional accountants is our business consultancy. If you have reached the point where you need sound business advice and planning, we can make a substantial difference to your corporate strategies and prospects…

Preparing your annual accounts and management accounts is what you’d expect from us, but we focus heavily on building business plans, conducting internal audits, advise on an appropriate business structure and help to add profit to your bottom line by facilitating regular strategic meetings …

… If you need financial services or a particular accounting service and you’re not sure if we offer it, the answer is almost certainly that we do, either directly ourselves or through our network of strategic partners.  This covers pretty much the full breadth of services you will require, and includes the sort of in-depth tax planning that can save you large amounts of money. It also includes more strategic activities like help with outsourcing some of your non-core services

We only work with you if we are convinced that our services will benefit YOU and YOUR business long term…

The question isn’t… does your business warrant this industry leading service and can you afford it?

The question you need to ask is… can you afford NOT to have this industry leading level of support? …


Since using the DRAL business energiser package I have been amazed as to how things have improved. It almost feels like I am cheating and have an unfair advantage over my competition as things are now so much more focused and easier!!!”

Sales Director, Leicestershire

So, what’s the next step?

Simply contact one of our team and we can either – have an informal chat over the telephone about your business needs or book a No Obligation Meeting.

We only recruit new clients if we are convinced our services will be of benefit to YOU and Your business. We are not interested in ‘Quick Wins’ long term business development and growth is what we believe in and ensures highly successful working relationships with each of our clients.